YouTube is catching back — from first mover to late mover.

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YouTube Shorts is an app format copying TikTok, an add-on feature to YT it was launched in India while Chinese TikTok was banned from local authorities. YT announces 3.5 billion views a day in India, a success. And announces the launch (in Fast Company, YT chief Neal Mohan) in the US and “other countries”. Soon, a matter of weeks. Opinion for B2B: Very easy to understand, YouTube has completely missed the rise of a video feed format like TikTok. Like many opinion leaders in the digital sphere, TikTok has always been underestimated. It is an original format that rewards in the algorithm the video quality, hence the success, among creators, among Youtubers.

YouTube was a first mover, now a late mover.

YT will roll out a tested new feature called “Applause”. A button for viewer to tip the creator on his/her channel with the option for a $2, $5, $10 or $50 payment. This is in parallel to the function “Super Chat” in live streaming. There users can tip the creator in the chat, and also chat directly with the Youtuber. Opinion for B2B: YouTubers have complained to get less and less remuneration from their work on YouTube. Google is keen on changing rules on that fronts. Well, now YouTube takes on the logic of Twitch — users will support the creators (streamers on Amazon’s Twitch). YT doesn’t communicate its economics, but says to have paid billions to creators.

Youtube won’t pay more for creator, followers will.

Youtube is very strong in live streaming of game, after Twitch, but very popular. In fact in 2021, 10 out of the 25 top Youtube stars by subscribers are into video gaming. Here a selection: DanDTM, Ninja (yes on Youtube as well!), JackScepticEye, Juega German and the Swedish “king” PewDiePie with 109 million subscribers and over 10 years as a YT star. Opinion for B2B: Often forgotten: how strong Youtube is in video gaming. The creators are a real marketing machine: strange and catchy names (RezendeEvil for ex.), a signal (pink headphones for PewDiePie), membership model for exclusive content, sub-channels, promotions, merchandising. A branding and broadcasting company in themselves.

Great 10 year anniversary video for PewDiePie, a professional.

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