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Microsoft punctually relaunches its emoji set on “world emoji day” (July 17). A sneak preview of new emojis was published. And will be rolled out in Fall 2021. It is available in the video learning / chatting platform Flipgrid, owned by Microsoft. Opinion for B2B: Microsoft presents the new emojis in a very good video. All emojis have a 3D touch and make a “modern” impression. Clippy is a paperclip as an emoji with a face and is a “comeback”.

Very good work, unexpected somewhat from Microsoft in the design area. Any view from PC users?

Google presented in the last developer conference a new design direction called “Material you” following the path of the 2014 design “Material Design”. 7 years later Google presents a design that adapts to the taste of the user — still in a set frame of possibilities. For Android apps above all. Opinion for B2B: Google follows on the Apple move to let users personalise their phone home screen, with many apps to do this. Material design was a milestone in screen design and in design in general — Material You is the logical next steps. All Android phones and apps will be “personalisable”.

Google again, ahead in design.

Figma has established itself as the new reference tool for designing graphic interfaces. On the cloud, and collaborative. Two designers can work on the same work in parallel. In the news with a recent large fund raising of $200m $333m in total) valuing Figma at over $10bn. Opinion for B2B: Figma was launched only 5 years ago and is the reference tool in interface design. Allowing non-designers as well to produce very good design and above all teams can work on a design project together. Like a Google Doc with an emoji command (see pic). The recent addition, FigJam is a big white board for all design tasks.

Anyone using Figma on a daily basis here?

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