Watching football world cup? Discover new brands on stadium banners

3 innovation and digital news in 1 minute. Every Monday. Episode 317

News 1: BYJU’S? A champion of learning platform

Byju’s is a large learning and educational platform (like Coursera) for younger students — mainly for the large Indian market. One of the founder’s first name is Byju (Raveendran). They offer 1:1 tutoring, but USP is the personalised learning offered by the platform (and the intelligence behind). For math, coding, music and English — mainly. They claim 150 million students in 120 countries. Opinion: Quite a discovery, BYJU’S. They are constantly gathering financing (VC, private equity, sovereign funds, debt financing) up to large fundings of $5.6bn. Investors as diverse as Sequoia India, Tiger Global, DST, but also UBS and the Qatar sovereign funds.

Would that explain the banners in every world cup stadium?

News 2: Wanda what? Know Ironman?

Wanda Group with Chinese ideograms on stadium banners, is a conglomerate and an exclusive sponsor of the tournament. Based in Beijing, it is above all a real estate enterprise, with plazas and cinemas. The Ironman (yes, triathlon ++), a commercial brand, has been acquired by the Chinese giant. Opinion: A conglomerate difficult to research — it stretches from classical real estate projects to luxury sport boats “Sunseeker”. And Cinema chains in Australia. And financial services.

At least we now know the name “Wanda” and the nice ideograms (it’s not a fish BTW).

News 3: Nu is Nubank, the successful Brasilian challenger bank

Nubank is the champion of challenger bank — in Brasil and since 2020 in Mexico and Columbia. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. They report growing customer base of over 70 million, revenue of 1.3bn USD and net income of $63m (a record in Q3 2022). Opinion: Nubank is covering all kinds of financial products (from loans to the newest NuCoin digital currency). Its KPI is customer engagement and the number of product customers “take” in Nubank. With lower operational costs.

This is the winning formula of Nubank (see pic).



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