Walking through the streets of San Francisco — advertising time for productivity tools and CRM

3 innovation and digital news in 1 minute. Every Monday. Episode 310

News 1: The CRM hidden champion, Zoho

Zoho has invaded the streets of San Francisco during the Saleforce event Dreamforce and after. Zoho is an Indian company that offers CRM solutions and a multitude of apps, over 45. CRM, HR application, links to finance, tools for the service team and a comprehensive workplace. Workplace from mail to bug tracker. Opinion: Zoho is coming out more and more with news of revenue over $1 billion with no classical VC financing. A clever set-up of flexible apps, with link to Google Workplace or Microsoft suites. And their own app for all called Zoho One.

Just love the logo and the name of their conference “Zoholics”!

News 2: Clickup “replaces” them all

Clickup is an app with ambitions to replaces all the other office apps, with everything in one app. Hence replacing Slack for chat, Asana for tasks, Lattice for goals. All the tools are in one app. Clickup is a very well financed start-up with $537m, in Oct. 2021 $400m from large investors Andreessen Horowitz and Tiger Global. Opinion: Clickup is the recent champion, from San Diego, growing fast. With the promise of “replacing all apps at work”. There is indeed a need for a unification with so many productivity apps — killing productivity.

Remember Clickup — “smells” like a winner.

News 3: From San Francisco, an outdoor campaign in own city, Airtable

Airtable is turning 10 and has been a steady success. $1,4 billion financing, entered the secondary market, etc. It is a low-code platform for creating and sharing “relational databases”. It built tables in putting data (a video, a mail, etc) in relation. It can depict workstreams and bring all data together, and this is where the need and the success comes from. Opinion: Low-code, no-code — Airtable claims both. The ability to develop with low or no code knowledge. Airtable’s success is based on this, anyone can build the data table, the spreadsheet, the processes.

And BTW they have a very lively, entertaining LinkedIn account, one of the best!



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