Virtual rooms, ideal for Christmas parties. Never-seen-before quality.

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3-in-1: 3 digital news in 1 minute. On Monday. Episode 234

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News 1: Gather Town, a great place to play

Gather Town is a virtual area with rooms and gardens that one can build. People enter the space and can only interact with others if they are near to each other. It opens many possibilities, like separate workshop, playing games or just 1-to-1 chatting. Gather Presence, the publisher is brand new, from San Francisco. Opinion for B2B: The new kid on the block — with a stunning interface and functions. It takes 15 minutes to get used to the place but then… super to interact. It replicates what we do in an office, in a university, in a house. And great game integration:

We did our Christmas party on Gather Town. Mega fun!

News 2: Impressive fluid chats on SpatialChat

Similar to Gather Town, SpatialChat is also a virtual space that grew in 2020. They have the full set-up of functions: create a room, add up to 50 participants, video/image share, screenshare, chat in parallel. SpatialChat is produced in Cyprus, a seldom-enough place for such a tech platform , to mention. Opinion for B2B: SpatialChat has an impressive “fluid” chat — reproducing real experiences. If one moves closer to others, one can talk to them. Moving out together… a very fluid split of groups. Moving aside, one can discuss something privately.

Fluid chat, an impressive feature!

News 3: Spatial is the AR version of a virtual space

Spatial is the Virtual reality version of a “spacial” room. Well financed with $22,3m (latest round early 2020) Spatial just launched an app version of the service. Features: integration of workplaces (Teams, Slack, etc), upload of screenshots, videos, PDFs and 3D models. Opinion for B2B: Spatial didn’t get the attention it deserves yet. Availability was limited to VR sets and web. With the launch of mobile apps — that will change.

A fantastic experience, but one needs to prepare well before the starts (documents)

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