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Hopin is a live virtual events platform like Zoom, with comprehensive functions (ticketing, analysis, attendee connection. A unicorn, raised $171m in 3 rounds just in 2020. In the news by acquiring StreamYard (online streaming studio) that will be integrated into Hopin. Hopin clients are traditional events going virtual, they even add virtual reception, virtual bags. Opinion for B2B: Connection of attendees is key in events — Hopin provides with hands-on sessions, expo booths or 1-to-1 meeting. Hopin also features the event on its site, like Eventbrite.

Zoom, Eventbrite and attendee connections, all-in-one

Wonder. formerly named Yotribe, is a virtual video conference, event platform. Recently raised $11m (12,2m in total) in a high-demand virtual video streaming market. And this in year one. Best feature at Wonder is the fluid chat — with so called fluid chat — one can talk via video to other attendees when the avatars are nearing each other. Opinion for B2B: Wonder does a good job in explaining what we can do with such platforms: meet-ups, recruiting, conferences, trade fairs, networking and a virtual office. Based in Berlin, Wonder has a strong record so far.

A great start for this company founded in 2020!

Cosmos, also based in London just raised £2m is similar to Gather Town. A simply-designed avatar in virtual rooms that one can build. Attendees can talk, share a Google doc or work in Figma. Original: one can organise Youtube or Twitch watch parties. Opinion for B2B: A small first funding round compared to neighbours at Hopin. But experienced founders, Rahul Goyal and Karan Baweja, both former product teams at Citymapper and TransferWise.

Good luck for the Cosmos Video start!

Author is the research team (10 trend scouters) at specialist Space and Lemon (Hamburg, Berlin) — scouting in main tech geographies, in AI development, virtual worlds and e-commerce. Excerpts of research are gathered here in original weekly news since 2016, always with a professional opinion — no re-write of TechCrunch. Research time: January 2021.

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Space and Lemon Innovations. Innovation agency for a new era of innovation, micro innovation. ✱Trend and innovation scouting ✱Concept/development

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Space and Lemon Innovations

Space and Lemon Innovations

Space and Lemon Innovations. Innovation agency for a new era of innovation, micro innovation. ✱Trend and innovation scouting ✱Concept/development

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