Very new investments in very new startups from Sweden

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2 min readApr 22, 2024


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Eco-friendly cement, a strong innovation

CemVision produces a cement alternative that cuts CO2 emissions. This is achieved by utilising recycled industrial materials and green electricity-powered kilns at lower temperatures. Thus it minimises carbon footprint. The company recently secured a $10 million investment by BackingMinds, Polar Structure, and Zacua. Opinion: CemVision is addressing a large market, the cement market and promises to reduce 80–100% of CO2 in the whole process compared to regular cement. If the promise to produce a product five times stronger on CO2 than standard cement is kept, it could significantly impact the whole industry’s future.

A strong innovation and a good start investment!

AI legal workflow innovation by Leya

Leya, based in Stockholm, wants to optimise workflows for lawyers. The tools offer AI-powered assistance for document analysis, automatic information extraction or legal research tasks. Y Combinator invested $500.000 and included Leya in their famous programme for 2024. Opinion: The tool fits in into the trend of AI taking away time-consuming work to create space to focus on essentials and more responsibility. Especially in the legal sector, a larger trend. In a space where recruiting is difficult. Such a tool just makes sense.

Would you want your lawyer to use AI tools? We do.

Dashboard with copilot. And more difficult commerce forecast offers an analytics dashboard for real-time insights into e-commerce data, mainly Shopify. Promise of AI-based forecasting. And in 2024, of course, they have developed a co-pilot (in beta) to help analyse the data with natural language. For that, they secured a €7 million seed funding round led by J12 Ventures, Daphni, and angel investors. Opinion: They claim to be the pioneer in predictive analytics. A “big” claim… of predicting demand, inventory. We’ll need to check how AI plays a role here. Not researchable on their site.

And a great logo, expressing the idea.



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