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It happened in June, the launch of the 3rd version of GPT, GPT-3. An important news, but too low coverage in general. GPT-3 is Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, a language model to produce human-like text. Long copy, poems, professional texts — everything based on AI (deep learning). An open-source model by OpenAI. remember: Microsoft invested 1 billion USD in OpenAI in Oct. 2019. Opinion for B2B: An impressive model by an impressive company. GPT-3 is the spear-head of AGI — Artificial General Intelligence, the ability to reproduce a human intelligence. And the first applications of GPT-3 are stunning.

Go to YouTube and look at the GPT-3 amazing results.

Microsoft has a browser called Edge (unknown by Mac users like we are) and is slowly and silently growing. In fact, it is the #2 browser after Chrome and before Firefox. Edge 86 is announced with more features around privacy and multi-users while Microsoft presently rolls out Edge 85. Opinion for B2B: Under dog browser Edge is making a lot of progress, in features and in number of users. It is gaining users in parallel with the rise of Office and Teams users during lockdown. Rather difficult to understand… while launching Edge 85, they leak the new 86 version.

But one thing is sure, Flash won’t be supported by the Edge browser by the end of 2020.

LinkedIn and its owner Microsoft found an acquirer for SlideShare — the presentation library. Scribd is a competitor to Audible and Kindle subscription of e-books and other documents. Documents like PDF, e-papers, now extended to the SlideShare library. History is LinkedIn bought SlideShare in 2012, then Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2016. The SlideShare button is already out in LinkedIn. Switch to happen on Sept. 24th. Opinion for B2B: SlideShare made no real sense in LinkedIn — and obviously they didn’t know what to do with the presentation sharing service. Not “subscribable”, very few good references… a logic move from Microsoft/LinkedIn to get rid of it.

Wonder what will happen to our slides on Scribd/SlideShare?

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