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Single’s Day is the large sales festival on 11.11. last week in China. Every year a hype. Now the hype is accompanied by a game — raising virtual cats. A Tamagotchi of 2020. Taobao (Alibaba) leads the game with a sticky game around raising, clothing, nourishing virtual cats. The objective: spend more time in the app, and come back again and again . Opinion for B2B: E-commerce in China is more than browse and check-out — the major apps like Taobao, Pinduoduo, add social and gaming features — mini games. The idea is: have as much happening as possible in the app. Returning customer and time spent in the app — the Chinese KPI. Increases the propensity to buy!

Not on the map in Europe yet!

Upland is a game, a business where users buy, sell, and trade virtual properties mapped to the Real World. In beta since Jan 2020 in the “San Francisco region”: Players own digital land and run a virtual business to earn Upland virtual money UPX coins. Based on blockchain, the game is gaining momentum — a metaverse. Opinion for B2B: Upland is a kind of Monopoly game. Profit of transactions can be exchange back to real money with Tilia Pay (yes, the payment solution of Second Life — remember Second Life?!). For a start you get a 3.000 UPX bonus.

Another sign of a crypto comeback and virtualisation of everything.

Luxury brand Dior launches an Augmented Reality feature on Snapchat — trying new sneakers B27. Another move for luxury chains to push virtual try-ons at a moment where stores are closed in some regions. Opinion for B2B: Sounds like a PR coup from Dior and Snapchat. Still, more and more GenZ new generation turn to luxury brands, hence Snapchat (we reported about the excellent Gucci app). Try-on with AR, just makes sense.

Have you made an AR try-on?

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