Three discoveries at the #OMR festival in Hamburg

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3 min readMay 23, 2022


3 innovation and digital news in 1 minute. Every Monday. Episode 294

News 1. Yext, bigger than expected

Yext was launched in 2006 and has been on the New York stock exchange for 5 years. Yet, a discovery on the aisles of #OMR22. It is a local search engine and a knowledge management, based on natural language understanding. Typically a search in an e-commerce site. Above all questions can be naturally asked and answered by Yext. Opinion: For us, a discovery, yet it is an established company, operating above all in the US. Based in New York, listed in New York. Growing by 10% in the last quarter (ended Jan. 2022) Large revenue of $100 million in the last quarter, but still in red (growing even).

A big actor in a niche area, AI-based search on-site.

News 2. City mobility dashboard and more. Veomo

A discovery at a side conference at coworking space Factory, a very well-designed dashboard of all mobility services in the area: bus, metro, e-scooters, car-sharing, etc. The monitor shows all distances in metres and minutes, very precisely. Definitely a solution to a “pain” of alternative solutions — how far are they? How long is the wait? Opinion: Beyond monitoring the mobility solutions in real-time, Veomo has solutions for the real-estate industry: evaluation of mobility services in an area, certificates for alternative mobility solutions.

A super monitor that endeavours to grab alternatives rather than owning one’s own car.

News 3. Looking for a USP, Mollie payment

Mollie lines up with many checkout and payment solutions for the e-commerce, adding to leader Stripe, PayPal’s Braintree, Germany Unzer, new contenders from London and Rapyd. Mollie is a “charm road show” at OMR22. The Mollie USP is “simplicity”, a very fast on-boarding, few checks before operations — 15 minutes to being live. Opinion: Mollie is the leader in Benelux and comes from Amsterdam. It has been around for long, founded in 2004, quite amazing. The expansion came from regular and large venture capital fundings since 2019 only, adding to a very large treasure of $927 millions. A plus: good CX and design.

Mollie, a valid contender to the “behind-the-e-commerce-payment” race! And they want to be loved, says the CEO.

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