Three AI start-ups from Vienna — from $10m to $781m

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2 min readMay 6, 2024


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3D generation for everyone.

Atlas AI created a suite of AI products that accelerate and simplify the generation of 3D assets for video games, virtual ecosystems, and extended reality applications. The 3D models are created from reference images and text. $4.5m new funding in February, total funding of $10 m (supported by Andreessen Horowitz scouting fund). Opinion: Enhancing the accessibility and user-friendliness of 3D-generation technology can greatly benefit various industries. In particular smaller gaming studios that may struggle with advanced 3D tools or lack resources for complex tasks could see a major impact. An investment from major VC Andreessen Horowitz is a very good sign.

Are big gaming titles from small development teams coming our way?

Empowering analytics with synthetic data.

Mostly AI (the name of the start-up) focuses on generating “synthetic data” through AI. Their technology utilises actual existing data to generate additional synthetic versions of the given information. For areas like business analytics where only specific data elements are necessary and personal details are irrelevant. Secured a total funding of $31 m. Opinion: Users can access a broader range of data without requiring additional personal identifiers while preserving the data utility. In an era where data privacy and data volume are becoming more crucial, synthetic data could offer a potential solution. See definition in comment.

Is synthetic data the new path?

Amelia, now the best study buddy.

GoStudent provides personalised online tutoring via video conferencing, connecting students with specialised teachers for various subjects and age groups. Recently launched a paid AI-based chatbot, Amelia, powered by OpenAI GPT-4. The bot dynamically adapts to users’ skill levels and needs in real-time. Based in Vienna, GoStudent has raised $781m in funding and recently claimed it became profitable. Opinion: An AI assistant alongside a human tutor has potential to become the future norm for students worldwide. The ability to ask questions and receive precise answers at any given moment can play a vital role in shaping the new learning experience for the next generation of students.

Any views on the use AI for studying?



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