The battle for Food & Drink delivery rages.

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Vivino is an app for wine discovery, buying and delivery. The Danish startup started with a software that recognizes bottle labels and linked to a library. Expanded into selecting and selling wine. Now reinforced with recent new funds of $155m in series D. The ambition is to recommend users wines, from past activities in the app. Opinion for B2B: Great and many ratings for the Vivino app that has grown to be the reference in the category. Today with 50 million users, mainly in Scandinavia, Germany, Uk and the US. The latest fund raising is exceptional (155m, total 220m) from Kinnevik, the Swedish investor (in Rocket Internet, for ex.). Interesting to observe: Vivino is strong in countries with few or no wine production.

Vivino, to be a sommelier, voilà!

Flaschenpost is the winner of beverages in Germany. With an exceptional story. They built a fast comprehensive logistics system for beverage delivery, delivery itself and mid-sized warehouses. Result: a fast exit of €1 billion. Acquired by Oetker Group that already owned competitor Durstexpress. Now merge in one dominating actor, Flaschenpost. Opinion for B2B: The success is very much related to two factors. 1/ the rise of delivery in lockdown times and 2/ Germany has a compulsory recycling system that obliges everyone to return bottles. This is where Flaschenpost is strong — they take the empty bottles back. Today Flaschenpost also delivers snacks, toiletry essentials. They will grow into a major force.

And they sell wine like “fucking good” ones.

Uber ambition is to deliver… deliver people and goods. Goods like restaurant food with Uber Eat, very strong in countries like the US and France. And now they deliver drinks, alcoholic drinks. Buying the #1 in the category, Boston-based Drizly. For $1.1 billion. Drizly had grown to be a remarkable company — very often with delivery of new and fancy alcohol brands, for example with the hard seltzer boom. Opinion for B2B: Drizly model is based on delivery (fee and percentage) but also in advertising in the app. Alcohol brands spend money to reach target groups that are difficult to reach in mass-media. A mobile-only target group. It echoes the growth of digital advertising on Amazon.

Well, Uber to also be an advertising platform.

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