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3 min readJan 30, 2023


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Pasqal marches as a quantum computing champion

Pasqal is one of the most advanced tech-start-up in quantum computing. Quote (easier in that difficult quantum subject): “quantum computers from ordered neutral atoms in 2D and 3D arrays to bring a practical quantum advantage to its customers and address real-world problems”. Real world, this is the edge and ambition from Pasqal, not on a research-state status any longer. Pasqal just gathered $100m from Temasek, the Singapore sovereign fund. Opinion: Pascal (Blaise Pascal. 17th century math and philosophy erudite) with a Q, like… A very good name, design and plan. Earlier this year Pasqal launches a zero-code developer, tester platform Pulser Studio, a development platform for neutral atoms quantum computers.

Is quantum computing nearer than we’d thought?

Aptera an EV-car with solar panels, fully autonomous

It is not a new start-up, a new kind on the block, Aptera was founded in 2006 and even with early invest from Google. Moving slowly but surely to a car conceived to be very energy efficient and carrying solar panels. Aptera can make a drive fully autonomous of 1,000 miles on a single charge and recharge with the sun. Opinion: Aptera has just announced a 40.000 waiting list and a production launch by the end of 2023. A difficult that will be dependent on financing. They have gathered only 100 million USD, 50m in 2022. Certainly not enough to grow production that such.

Still a dream, a car that charges itself with sunlight.

Holograms come nearer, in a box with Proto

Proto comes from Los Angeles and has grown to the leader in the US for holograms, holograms in a box. An iPhone film a scene, formatted in the size of a telephone box. Transmission happens in a box, like a telephone box, metres away. A patent for the platform, an “end-to-end system for creation, management, delivery and playback of interactive hologram content”. Opinion: There is something magic with the hologram boxes (Proto is not alone on that field) and the demos are fantastic. Boxes come in 2 sizes, human size or table-top box for products.

Anyone watch the Proto demo live?



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