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Episode 232.

Happy birthday to Shopee — the 12.12. event.

Shopee, very strong in SE-Asia and in Taiwan, and unknown in the West. Shopee has a similar set-up as Asian commerce apps like Taobao: events, live-shopping, brand stores, mini-games, payment. Shopee prepares for the 12.12. festival “birthday sale”.

Opinion: Shopee covers 3 events — 9.9. (invented super shopping day), 11.11. (singles’ day) and now a 12.12. birthday sale — running right now in Singapore. Shopee adds a very successful feature: if customers pay with ShopeePay delivery is free, a large success in Indonesia.

Happy 12.12.!

Gaming hardware specialist Razer with a fintech, Youth Bank.

Razer grew offering specialised hardware, famous for the multi-colour keyboards, addressing millions of gamers. And this is the link to the new service, a banking service called Youth Bank, with a Visa card. A launch in Singapore that didn’t go well (and rejection of a bank license). Still, a roll-out in Malaysia and The Philippines.

Opinion: Razer, from Taiwan, offers high-end hardware, above all with the flashy lights on it. Logo and fluo-green is on the credit card. Still, a strange and far-fetched leap for Razer to go fintech. Will the colour save the idea? It didn’t in Singapore.

Flashing lights on credit card! Xmas at payment.

JustCo co-working and solution for companies downsizing office spaces.

JustCo is a co-working chain through SE Asia and China. With a fast expansion (stopped at pandemic times). They gathered investment from 2 real estate companies. 9 cities and 40 places. Strong with an enterprise solution: companies in a working place. Co-working place in a company.

Opinion. Co-working spaces are struggling in times of lockdowns. Middle-term — a huge opportunity when companies will downsize their office space with many employees doing home office.

A revolution in office space ahead!

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