Sunday, a good company name — 3 examples (weekday series)

3 innovation and digital news in 1 minute. Every Monday. Episode 269

News 1. Sunday, subscription for a perfect lawn

Sunday is a 3 year-old company that specialises in “lawn care”. They offer a subscription for lawn care boxes with nutrient and soil health products. Based in Boulder (university of Denver), Sunday has gathered $77 million, $50m in September 2021. Opinion: Today there is a subscription model for everything, literally anything. This time for lawn care — a good marketing behind this: a “smart” lawn plan, an anti-pest plan and the possibility to buy single products. The US market is big enough for this niche, the perfect lawn on Sunday.

Sequoia VC is an investor in Sunday. A good sign.

News 2. A company that builds a fashion collection for third party, Sunday

Sunday ( is a Belgian (Flemish) company specialised in merchandise — very modern view of merchandising clothing. Sunday is a platform where (larger) companies can develop, order and manage dedicated fashion collections. Employees become “ambassadors”. Opinion: Sunday team commented a lot on our first post on companies with weekdays as names. (Thanks). A good way to discover a new company. Why Sunday? “On Sunday people do and wear what they want. Sunday is the ultimate symbol of personal preference.”

Great client line up — Adyen, Gorillas, Airbnb, TikTok, Google and slogan “fashion for non-fashion brands”.

News 3. Sunday, time for a mini game

Sunday is a game development company for mini games, they test and develop many so called casual games, in an app format. Hyper casual game, they are running game challenges open to all (a Turkish version of the competition is on). Opinion: Sunday belongs to the Hamburg based Applike-Group. The Cat-Escape game has over 30 million downloads, a huge success. The marketability of the app, the game is tested with video app before launching, even developing.

Sunday publishes in detail how they develop and test games — well done!

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