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mmhmm is a camera app for usage in video conference, it allows to insert presentation automatically — and change any formats, faces, centricity, width of presentation. mmhmm receives a new funding of $35m from iconic VC Sequoia. Only in beta yet. The funding hints on a launch soon. Opinion for B2B: In time where video conferencing is the new standard mmhmm places a new service that is stunning. The video presentation on YouTube is extraordinary. mmhmm brings fun, professionalism in video presentation.

We love it!

Zwift is an online fitness platform for indoor cycling — and got $450m new fundings (adding to 620 million). What? For indoor cycling? Yes, but with an app, a mix of community, gaming and academy. In time of lockdowns and WFH, the home fitness category gets huge financing. Opinion for B2B: Zwift offers an app with training plans, community, racings with other users. A tablet in front of the home bike and a pod to measure performance. The key of success is to bring fun and energy in a very boring task, biking at home.

An ambitious fundings with 450 million — overrated or just a craze?

Google announced a redesign and repositioning of the historic Nest Thermostat — at a price of $129 and with a new design. Well, this is where it all started the Nest thermostat and Google bought Nest in 2014. The new smart object is made of recycled plastic (49%) and has new slight design changes. Opinion for B2B: The ambition of Google is “Ambient Computing” and plays on all front — Google Assistant (going more and more in the direction of Home only), Pixels and Android phones, Nest product ranges and the corresponding app. All of them with a very good design touch.

Ambient Computing, the 2021 word!

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