Scandinavia in audio fever — new fundings for Nordic podcast and audio start-ups 🎧

3 innovation and digital news in 1 minute. Every Monday. Episode 312.

News 1: Nomono from Norway — super simple audio kit for podcast and interview recording 🇳🇴

Primary target: podcasters! The Nomono Sound Capsule consists of a charging case which contains one wireless recorder (Space Recorder) and 4 wireless microphones (Space Mics). Recorded podcasts and interview files are uploaded directly to the Nomono web app via the cloud. The kit is currently available for pre-order and costs $3k. Opinion: a funding of $3.6m ($12.1m in total) on 16.09.2022 follows the product launch in May and will be used for scaling (like always!). Price is high, but the product is clearly in a professional segment. So it will be exciting to see how scaling goes. No cables = big plus!

Claim: “Podcast Simplified”

News 2: Podimo from Denmark — the champion of podcast and audiobook platform 🇩🇰

Visual logo for the audio

Podimo is a subscription-based podcast and audiobook platform. The subscription costs €4.99/month. One can hoose from 20 different categories/genres, and a children’s offer “Podimo Kids”. Currently there are 800k podcasts and audiobooks available. They have grown as a champion in the category with large VC backing. Opinion: Podimo raises €58.6m (€160.2m in total) on 14.09.2022. After launching in the Netherlands in April and in Finland in August, Podimo is aiming for further expansion and development in content, technology and the app. The price is unbeatable and offers great scaling potential.

A champion is forming, at least in Northern Europe!

News 3: Sweden as well with an audio and e-book platform, Nextory 🇸🇪

Claim on Nextory website

Nextory offers access to 300k audiobooks and e-books The subscription-based service is available in 3 models. Listen and read up to 25 hours per month with one profile with “Silver”, unlimited consumption with “Gold” and unlimited reading and listening with multiple profiles with “Family”. Hence, the price ranges from €9.99/month to €31.99/month. A full focus on books, audio stories and comics. Opinion: Nextory receives $8.9m ($49.1m in total) in June and also aims to scale up and expand further internationally. (What?! ;). Last expansions were in Spain and France. Podimo for the North and Nextory for the South?

Love the audio version of comics!



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