Replacing waiting rooms with living rooms — Digital health and lab at home.

3 innovation and digital news in 1 minute. Every Monday. Episode 316

News 1: Health test-kit and an app, EverlyWell the champion

EverlyWell provides with test-kits for purposes like allergies, STD, fertility. An app shows the full report and guides through next steps of treatment. New feature in the app: Spotwell™ uses Everly Health’s machine vision technology — the real-time ability to capture and analyze visual surroundings — to confirm sample appropriateness for laboratory analysis. Opinion: Getting tested at home takes the discomfort of telling a doctor about symtoms, 100% privacy. A personalized treatment plan is available in the app. EverlyWell is growing to be a champion in digital health, with rounds of financing ($325m) and now on the second market.

Home diagnostic in the US — important in a country where health coverage is low.

News 2: LetsGetChecked — as the name says

LetsGetChecked is a New York-based company that mainly focuses on prediabetes. Health check starts with a questionaire or virtual consultation with a doctor. Based on the answers, health test kits are suggested. After a positive test, “Let’s get checked” offers further treatment, e.g. deliver medication to home or offer video consultation with doctors. Opinion: The business behind is an online pharmacy delivery service. Medication for the symptoms identified in the test are sent to customers in un-labled discreet boxes. LetsGetChecked with a large campaign on prediabetes test (“96 million American would have diabetes and 80% of them don’t know about it”).

Discretion is important for medication that customers might feel discomfort with buying in a pharmacy.

News 3: CeraScreen — self test e-supermarket for vitamin deficiencies

CeraScreen is specialised in tests for vitamin and hormone levels. Customer buys tests online, then takes a blood, saliva, urine sample at home and tests are analysed in a lab. Test results are shown in an app and further treatment with vitamin pills, supplements or health coaching are offered. Based in Noerthern germany (Schwerin and Hamburg). A good blog with today an article on muscle pains. Opinion: Cerascreen focuses on enhancing health and supporting doctors offices with tests that are usually not covered. Scanning for deficiencies in vitamin levels, that are often cause of unwellbeing e.g. hairloss, tiredness, headache.

Boosting overall wellbeing, good in Winter times.



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