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This is a simple, straightforward innovation, tele-consultation, not with a physician, but with a vet. Key is a 24h a day consultation. Based in Stockholm, FirstVet covers the Nordics, Germany and the UK. Gathered over $55m for further international expansion, US above all. Opinion for B2B: Clients (pets) pay per consultation, €25 on regular hours, €33 outside regular hours. In the US with a subscription model starting at $7.5 — a very aggressive pricing. Very lucky start-up: they can play with social media (on Facebook and IG) with nice clients, puppies and cats.

Tele consultation for pets — it just makes sense.

Not only vet, food is important for pets. Butternut Box replicates the box delivery model, for pets. With a key proposition: “human-quality” ingredients and “no-nasties”. The process is well-known: 1/ answer questions about the dog 2/ Butternut Box calculates plan and price 3/ Client receive boxes (and can pause). A personalised pet food box, with a financing of $58m. VCs believe in it. Based in London. Opinion for B2B: A Kev and a Dave have built this company and are eating / tasting the food on the website. And a great storytelling of Ruddie, a farting dog … and in need of better food. There comes Butternut Box.

Start-ups always have great founding story — here a farting dog.

Apple is not a first mover in “trackers”, but as always will make the market. The use case “AirTag and a dog” is just obviously great. Now comes a new market: dog or cat collars where the tag can be inserted — for example here in the pics from “FollowPaw” (first image). Opinion for B2B: And a new market is born: accessories around the AirTag. Even for pets. An expensive Google keyword to buy! And soon luxury brands to follow.

Where would you put an AirTag on — apart from pet, key, bag?

Author is the research team (10 trend scouters) at specialist Space and Lemon (Hamburg, Berlin) — scouting in main tech geographies, in AI development, virtual worlds and e-commerce. Excerpts of research are gathered here in original weekly news since 2016, always with a professional opinion — no re-write of TechCrunch. Research time: May 2021.

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Space and Lemon Innovations. Innovation agency for a new era of innovation, micro innovation. ✱Trend and innovation scouting ✱Concept/development

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Space and Lemon Innovations

Space and Lemon Innovations

Space and Lemon Innovations. Innovation agency for a new era of innovation, micro innovation. ✱Trend and innovation scouting ✱Concept/development

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