Other bets is the name for other bets than search. The Alphabet bets


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Bet for data and AI behind medicine, this is Verily

Verily is a data platform gathering and making sense of medicine (life science) data, this is the bet. Claim “precision health”, treatment a diagnostics based on data. The solutions run in the background, like Immune Profiler or SignalPath (for clinical studies). In the pic, a more mass-market solution — Verily is the data power behind Dexcom’s new glucose tracker. Opinion: A full specialist in research, analytics in medicine. Example taken from a LinkedIn post: “Verily Immune Profiler’s patented assay measures over 8 million molecular features spanning genome, epigenome, transcriptome, and proteome across 24 distinct immune cell types”. And this is helping science.

Verily, much under the radar but an exciting bet.

Bet on unmanned drone, this is Wing

Alphabet is in the game of drone delivery, with Wing. An unmannend light drone taht will deliver goods. Infact, today the focus is on the software behind, on the necesary Unmanned Traffic Management. A software that controls and manages traffic of this kind of drones within the landscape of trees, buildings and other flying objects. Opinion: Wing was quite a launch, but is under the radar today. Delivery alone is only for use cases of long distance to isolated places (Queensland in Australia for ex.), not the promise of “liberating” congested cities (claimed by Wing). Building the software for managing it just makes sense.

Less tailwind for drones.

Bet on “easy to train” industrial robots, this is Intrinsic

Intrinsic is a software to build and train robots. Coming from a pain/solution attitude. The pain: it is very difficult to programme robots (“Even for experts”). The solution: an easy-to use, intuitive platform to do exactly that. Intrinsic even invested in the team of the Open Source Robotics Foundation for that objective. Opinion: The bet is clear: being the Robot Operating System. For industrial robots. Spending less time building the robot movement and more on training them. Sounds easy? This is the idea.

A niche use case but deep in the architecture.



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