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Ecosia is a search engine that supports reforestation — all about trees. Like any other search engine, they generate revenue by ads and affiliate links that users click on. Month by month, 80% of profit goes to reforestation, regenerative agriculture and solar plants. Ecosia gives users full transparency about monthly costs and investments for planting trees on their blog. All searches are anonymised by encrypted connection. Ecosia engine is based on Bing (Microsoft). Opinion for B2B: Since data privacy is getting more sensitive for users
and the demand for sustainable impact increases, users might be more open to switch from Google to other search engines with this offer. 112 million trees planted, a good record.

Worth a switch? Google for job, Ecosia for all other searches?

Berlin-based Gexsi contributes to social innovation projects that enable the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Bing technology is used for search, but also links to all relevant Google services (images, maps). No personal data stored and no user profiles created. On top,
anti-tracking and ad blocker in new IOS app. Opinion for B2B: Gexsi promises users safety for personal data, but still leaves the option of having the convenience of Google services, if the user chooses so. Users support social projects — but doesn’t really scale yet. Company was founded in 2016 and has a low profile.

It’s a match: social impact and privacy in one.

Danish Givero founded 1 year ago, donates half of advertising revenue to good causes, chosen by users. Users can use shortcuts for searches on other sites, add an exclamation mark followed by one or two letter code after your search results (“cute kittens !yt” redirects to Youtube). Opinion for B2B: Compared to Ecosia and Gexsi, Givero privacy features and search experience in general are quite basic. Lacking any sort of rich content (image thumbnails, video thumbnails, news thumbnails). Shortcuts to third-party sites are very convenient.

Givero still needs to grow — they are in a “baby” phase!

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