New real kids on the social network block, real!

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2 min readAug 1, 2022


3 innovation and digital news in 1 minute. Every Monday. Episode 303

News 1: A phenomenon called BeReal

We haven’t reported here about BeReal yet. Time to close the gap. BeReal has been heading the download charts in the US and Europe for weeks. Social network app where just one thing happens: a slot of two minutes to send a photo to friends — real-time, no Instagram pose. From where you are and just in that very slot. All your friends in the same slot. And everyone reacts. Opinion: A very simple mechanism, but very efficient. Just real as the name says. Phenomenon started among youngsters in France where it comes from and is now a worldwide phenomenon, esp. in the USA. Founded in France, already in 2020. Low key at the beginning, now a phenomenon.

Authenticity winning over poses? And Instagram copies with Instagram Dual.

News 2: A soul test and then Soul. In China

Soul has steadily been growing in China. And there are very good reasons for that. Users first build an 3D avatar, then they carry out a soul identification test. The itention is (quote) “Here, you don’t have to face the pressure in real social life”. Opinion: Social pressure and stereotypes are very strong in the modern Chinese society and the Soul app has taken a place where that doesn’t happen. Users can find “soul mates” through the 3D avatar. Soul wasn’t only a hype at the end of 2021, it is still one of the most downloaded apps in China.

Real soul mate avatars.

News 3: Azar video chat, hazardously.

Azar is at first sight a video chat app, one can chat with friends, but also meet new ones “in the area”. A mix of live chat and tinder. Also with an avatar as a pic, of course. Azar app grows in three countries Italy, France and Germany. Hyperconnected is the producer from South-Korea with the mission of “A Hyperconnected Humanity Free From Loneliness”. Opinion: The trend is there: meeting new friends “in the area”. And is strong with further apps like OMGEW or Wizz popping up in the top 15 download charts in many countries.

Never ever alone?!



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