My name is June! Two startups and one venture capital VC called June

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2 min readJun 27, 2022

3 innovation and digital news in 1 minute. Every Monday. Episode 298

News 1: A smart oven that replaces a whole kitchen

The June oven is a smart oven, controlled with an app. Combines 12 kitchen devices into one and is currently in its third product generation. Weber (the famous BBQ company) acquired June in 2021, after June raised $29.5m VC funding. The June promotion? “Celebrate June!”. Opinion: Similar to super popular Thermomix, June has special June recipes in its app. The heating elements can be controlled separately, so dishes with several ingredients (e.g. salmon with asparagus and potatoes) can be cooked at the same time on the same plate.

Highlight is a camera inside the oven that broadcasts live video to the June app.

News 2: June fund — very unknown but very active in Berlin

June fund is a rather unknown and small Berlin based venture capital fund, under the radar. But they astonishingly participated in several early funding rounds for Berlin based unicorns (and almost unicorns) Grover, OneFootball, Komoot and Ada Health. Opinion: Besides Berlin, June fund is also investing in US and Canada based startups and blockchain projects. Backed Vancouver based sports collectibles NFT company DapperLabs in its $250m series D funding round in September 2021.

Dapper Labs was valued at $7.5bn in its series D.

News 3: June — analytics toolkit for SaaS businesses

An analytics and management software for subscription based business models, software as a service. SaaS businesses using June can use predefined templates to set up analytics e.g. tracking adoption of new features, identifying power users, user retention. Opinion: June participated in famous Silicon valley startup accelerator program Y-Combinator in 2021. SaaS startups like Copy AI use June for analytics.

Simple predefined templates for analytics that every SaaS business needs.



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