Munich, the city of hope for German deep tech!

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News 1: Munich is “Deep Tech”:

Munich has solidified its position as a strong centre for IT and deep tech. In competion with Berlin (start-ups) and Hamburg (commerce and advertising). The city is already Germany’s tech capital with over 83,000 employees working in IT (10% of the total workforce), that’s far more than in any other German city (even Berlin). Opinion: Space and Lemon is based in Hamburg and Berlin. The rivalry between larger 3 cities in Germany is present and Munich has made a lot of effort to develop the IT ecosystem in the city. Werk 1 is a symbolic coworking space with adjacent offices for startup (see pic). B2B Takeout: Deep Tech is the expression for development of IT and codes in the back end and with original codes. Not another marketplace or a B2B tool.

News 2: Symbolic, Apple in recruitment in Munich:

Apple already has 300 employees in Munich and has 70 open positions for the Munich office. Rumours that 5G solutions will be developed out of Munich (NB: rumours). Opinion: There always are many rumours around Apple — but the tech giant seems to really recruit a lot in Germany. Not for reviewing German apps before they go to the app store! And there are much less of them. B2B Takeout: German headquarters gather in Munich: Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, Nvidia. The more ad-oriented Google, Facebook and Twitch are in Hamburg.

News 3: Plug and play pitch days, discover curiosity!

Plug and Play hosts insurtech and healthtech Europe badges in Munich. A discovery: Munich based
Curiosity AI-based software enables companies and healthcare institutions to develop custom solutions for unstructured data. The NLP algorithm learns about company-specific concepts and industry jargon straight from the documents, thus over time gets tailorfitted to the specific organisation. Opinion: Imagine finding all the important information in documents your colleagues created 20 years ago! Nice name “curiosity” by the way! B2B Takeout: A big job ahead for many companies: structure unstructured data. Typical unstructured data is a 2-y-o excel table!

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