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2 min readMay 27, 2024


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$220m for H

Former DeepMind employees founded Holistic AI, now renamed it to H (H Company), relocated to Paris and gathered a large amount from high-profile investors (Creandrum, Accel, UI Path, Amazon, and Eric Scmidt). The ambition: build “agents” for automation in enterprise. AI-based and claiming “general” intelligence. Opinion: Enigmatic. H is difficult to research with little information beyond the press release of the large investment and a minimalistic website. The investment and partnership with RPA giant UI Path hints to an offer of a “copilot” for office tasks.

H. A strange name, meaning “human centric”.

$1bn for Scale

$1bn, a very large amount, from venture capital firm Accel. Scale is a platform where companies can gather data and build AI applications. Above all this, the AI, with RLHF — reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback. Scale data engine -> Foundation models (like GPT-4) -> RLHF training -> applications. Opinion: Scale was founded before the Generative AI hype, in 2016. Even before the founding scientific paper of 2017 (transformer model). Always difficult to explain such a platform, the graphic does the job.

A formidable growth of Scale AI parallel to the rise of AI apps in enterprise.

$125m for Suno

The Cambridge-based start-up gathers this large amount in the first round. On Suno, one can generate music from a prompt and put it in a library, a marketplace. And in beta, a music genre explorer. Opinion: We’ve been using Suno to generate a song, a song we put at the end of keynote, for free. The results are very good and it’s just fun. On the business side, Suno will develop to a Freemium model and will generate revenue from a music and song marketplace.

Do try fantastic Suno! And sing!



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