It’s Friday then it’s Saturday, Sunday (what!) — 3 startups with weekday names

3 innovation and digital news in 1 minute. Every Monday. Episode 268

News 1. Thursday — dating app only open one day, every week

Thursday is a new dating app from London (available in London and NYC), only available on Thursdays. Swiping, matching, texting and setting up a date all happens on the same day (Thursday). All matches get deleted after that day and users have to start over the next week. Outside Thursday the app is “closed”, showing nothing but a countdown to the next Thursday and a toggle to choose if you’re ready for dates that week. Opinion: In London, Thursday is all the rage right now, with posters everywhere and people talking about it — and about the big launch party. Their posters are highlights, sometimes bashing sometimes praising Tinder, Bumble and other dating apps.

Creating scarcity and hype by only being available one day a week. Could be a concept for social media apps to copy, maybe solving social media addiction.

News 2. Monday the work OS is a suite of tools for project management, team/ workspace organisation and (very important) workspace automation. Putting it into the hot field of RPA software (robotic process automation), the automation of tedious manual tasks. For example, automating project management by automatically updating a task’s status on the kanban board if a sub-task is marked as done. Opinion: Monday calls itself a Work OS (OS = operating system), making workflows easier, or even automating them. All visually, without coding. Organising and simplifying projects, workflows, work in general is important on all work-days, not just monday.

Monday is the day to organize the workweek, so very fitting name.

News 3. Friday is a car insurance paid per km

Friday is a car insurance paid per driven kilometre, starting at 1 Cent per km. Optional CO2 compensation for every driven kilometre on top of all the car insurance products. Friday now also offers household insurance from 1,79 Euro per month and is adding more and more classic insurance offerings. It was founded as a corporate startup by Swiss Baloise Insurance Group. Opinion: Before concluding the insurance contract, Friday asks to enter how many km the car is roughly going to drive per year. Based on that number, the base insurance contribution is charged monthly (like every other car insurance). If it differs, Friday will refund for every less km driven or charge extra for every additional km.

Only paying for what you actually use and need, especially nice with insurances. No over-insuring anymore!

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