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€20m for sheet music — an immense library

Enote is a music technology start-up. An immense library of sheet music with any option of types of notations, jumps + short cut to piece. Enote also offers automated music transcription and analysis (for example the length one played a piece of music, compared to others). Multi-device — tablet (main device) and smartphone. Enote recently secured €10 million in funding (total of €20m). Opinion: Enote appears as a leader in this specific niche: sheet music. All imaginable functions are in the app or announced — like the automated page turning (which means the app listens to the music played!). Also a “dream” for composers!

A great discovery — from Berlin.

Spotify goes TikTok!

Spotify launches an important update presented in Los Angeles at their StreamOn (March 8) event. Major function is a feed of short music videos (Spotify Clips) resembling TikTok. Other functions: simplified navigation, improved personalisation (AI based with factors like listening habits, weather, time of day and location). Spotify’s AI technology is also used to provide better recommendations and improve music search for users. Opinion: A significant step forward, as it introduces a range of new features that utilise AI. With the ability to create and share short music videos, similar to TikTok. That will give room to a new promising revenue stream: advertising!

Spotify maintains leadership and follow the video leader, TikTok.

Tomorrow: a new Apple music app! Classic music.

Apple Music is set to launch a separate app for classical music called “Apple Music Classical.” The new app, designed specifically for classical music enthusiasts, will be available on 28.03.2023. It offers a comprehensive collection of classical music titles, including new releases, curated playlists, and radio shows. The standalone app will be available on all Apple platforms and devices. Opinion: This is good news for all genre-based musics, and for classical music listeners. Weird, isn’t it, many of us don’t really stream classic music on Spotity, Apple Music or Amazon Music, but often on specialised radio or TV. The new Apple app will change this.

Music genre-based apps — a new thing!



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