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Google Lens is the visual search function (on Google search) and app from Google — that often has stunning, useful results. It is silently but surely rolling out: more translation, coming to Google Photo (on Android) and to the web. And very good in photo translation (see Space and Lemon claim in pic). Opinion for B2B: This is an incredibly good and underestimated tool — Google Lens. A catalyst of technology and AI. Just demonstrate how far the “image recognition tech” is, and how strong the classification in the Google Search works. If we add translation, machine translation, it makes it a major proof of Google AI engineering.

Google Lens, the most under-estimated and under-used innovation.

Google Contact Center AI lets businesses build and integrate voicebots to phone hotlines, to automate call centre conversations. It uses the same speech-to-text, text-to-speech and natural language processing technologies that also power the Google Assistant. Recently Google announced several new partnerships with major call centre softwares (like market leader Genesys). Google strives to push into call centre automation. Opinion for B2B: The call centre is the next frontier and battlefield for voicebots. A major innovation in a traditional sector, often with older software. Smart move from Google: create partnerships and provide the tech platform on Google Cloud.

Innovation comes to call-centres with Google, not the traditional software houses!

Google changes course for its cloud gaming service Stadia. User numbers remain poor and Google recently shut down its in-house game development studio, due to high costs for developing games. The new direction for Stadia will focus on business partnerships. Google will offer its cloud streaming technology to other game developers and publishers. Back to the purpose of the cloud. Opinion for B2B: Smart strategy by Google — retreating from expensive game-making business and focus more on the strength of Stadia — the excellent cloud streaming technology. As a technology provider, Google will not only earn money but also acquire new customers for their cloud services.

Was Stadia a too large ambition?

Author is the research team (10 trend scouters) at specialist Space and Lemon (Hamburg, Berlin) — scouting in main tech geographies, in AI development, virtual worlds and e-commerce. Excerpts of research are gathered here in original weekly news since 2016, always with a professional opinion — no re-write of TechCrunch. Research time: March 2021.

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Space and Lemon Innovations. Innovation agency for a new era of innovation, micro innovation. ✱Trend and innovation scouting ✱Concept/development

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Space and Lemon Innovations

Space and Lemon Innovations

Space and Lemon Innovations. Innovation agency for a new era of innovation, micro innovation. ✱Trend and innovation scouting ✱Concept/development

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