Houseparty! App downloads reflect confinement Teams, VOD and party. (#besafe)

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Houseparty is a video conference app prefered by teens to gather a group for a virtual party, from each bedroom. No 1 of downloads in many countries Germany, France, UK and Italy. In the USA, 7th most downloaded app over the weekend. App belongs to Epic Games! Opinion: This phenomenon is easy to understand. Teens in confinement parties from their bedroom. But they could have used zoom or skype, No, their app is Houseparty! No parents! B2B Takeout: A renaissance for the Houseparty app that was hyped a year and a half ago. App re-adoption is a phenomenon that we’ll follow. Use of social media will change!

Disney graduated the launch of Disney+ streaming, first in the US and Netherlands. Then tomorrow in larger EU countries. France asked to report launch since streaming swallows 75% of broadband in the evening. Disney+ will compete with Netflix and launch in a time where series streaming goes mass market. Opinion: We need stronger infrastructure in Europe, in Germany in particular. Not only to get HD Netflix (restricted) and Disney+, but to run long conference calls on video. Wherever we are, in the city or countryside. B2B Takeout: We are all growingly aware of broadband, and infrastructure in a time where home office is the new normal. And aware of how greedy video streaming is.

Microsoft Teams, the project management and video conferencing app was last week in top 10 of all app download charts in EU and US. Last Monday #1 in many countries. Competitor Slack far behind, hardly in top 50. Opinion: Teams or Slack. We often compare the two project management tools. Slack is in the heart of the tech and startup way of working and Teams in corporations. And now Teams win — with larger subscription number and a very good offer — better than Slack, Slack has slept! B2B Takeout: Many corporations that have Office 365 turned on the Teams function at the last minute and employees downloaded the app for Home Office. Forever, the issue of Teams in companies is closed. It belongs to a standard set-up.

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