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2 min readMar 13, 2023

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In-car holographics, rising with Envisics

Envisics provides with technology to overlay information upon reality while driving a car (avoiding distraction with clear symbolic elements). Dynamic Holography Platform is the product, it runs on head-up displays. Hyundai Mobis (mobility ventures) is the lead investor with $100m, last round last Thursday. Stellantis, GM and Jaguar involved as well. Opinion: Holograms that make sense: overly information while driving. Very smart here is how non-invasive the overlays are: clear signal colours, recognisable forms and very few texts.

No wonder, carmakers are investing in the technology.

Supercorralation. What? For very precise localisation

Focal Point Positioning is the name of the company. As the name says, a software (“Supercorrelation”) to increase precision of localisation. A software in the receiver itself (a car, a wearable, a smartphone) providing angle of arrival of radio signals. Focal Point was founded 8 years ago and raised a larger sum only in 2022 (£23m). And a General Motor partnership announced early 2023. Opinion: Why should we need more precise location findings? High precision in so-called urban canyon (among high-skyppers). A better pedestrian navigation, less battery consumption on wearable and precise AV navigation.

An urban canyon! A very nice metaphor!

No UK start-up news without a fintech: Featurespace

Featurespace is a fraud management analytics technology, based on machine learning. An AI that is adaptative to changes of behaviours. The solution runs on larger banks (from HSBC to DanskeBank). It covers fraud in credit cards, in application, in merchant applications, payment and obviously in money laundering. Opinion: It is a financial crime prevention tool, that is subsidized by UK and US government agencies (Nov. 2022).

Still don’t know why the name Featurespace?!



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