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In the news recently because of a fresh $110m funding: Einride. A real innovation: a comprehensive platform to run “pods” — containers on wheels. Fully electric, fully autonomous. The “Pod” can drive on 4 different “levels”: closed fenced area, nearby destination (two factories for example), on rural roads and on motorways at high speed. Opinion for B2B: A very impressive technology start-up based in Gothenburg. The vehicle, the Pod is electric and unmanned, but is controlled at distance. Just one of the most promising systems in the growing e-truck category.

Imagine motorways with secured electric and autonomous trucks — a dream!

Wunderkind Curb Food is one year old and has raised $23,2m in two rounds. Curb is both a food delivery and dark kitchen service. Dark kitchen? Complete equipped kitchens and kitchen service for cooks to prepare meals in genres. The uniqueness of Curb is providing delivery. In fact, it is first and foremost a delivery service. Opinion for B2B: A very blunt design for Curb Food but also for the food genres: El Burro for tex-mex, Smash for burgers, Candie for bowls, Makka for sandwiches, etc. Delivers in Denmark and Sweden.

Will come to other countries very soon! Miami!

Kry is the medical, health start-up champion in Europe with a $568m financing. It has grown to be a mixed offer of consultations in the Kry app, and as an alternative in an health centre, 21 of them. It covers general practitioner consultation, and a focus on mental health. Opinion for B2B: A typical monthly subscription model, with the same tickets for app and health centre consultation. Kry categorises 3 types of consultations: nurse, doctor and psychologist. Kry is an innovative but complex model of online and offline — even consultations in-app are free if they lead to a physical visit. Looks like the app is today a vehicle to drive “traffic” to health centres.

Large fundings but difficult to scale, to build a network of physical health centres.

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