From analytics software to digital twin — the Munich model for digital twins

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2 min readMar 6, 2023

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For moving objects (and athletes) — Kinexon

Kinexon calls itself “The operating system for moving things”, a specialist for live location data of moving objects. An IoT stack with trackers and an operating system behind. Communication (updating each other about live location) between moving objects (e.g. robots in a factory) enables automation of these moving objects. BMW i Venture is one investor (total $148m). Opinion: Not only industry. Kinexon Sports is special division for sports. Live location data and analysis of athletes. Data from motion/location sensors (placed on athletes and balls) is analyzed in Kinexon Cloud and gathered for coaches. Kinexon is used by industrial companies and 75% of NBA clubs.

A great discovery. Kinexon, the path to digital twins.

Visual 3D mapping, the base of digital twins — NavVis

3D capture and mapping of an area is the first step towards a digital twin. NavVis does a 3D mapping of a physical environment, like a factory, a warehouse. Capturing with a portable laser scanner of their own and a cloud solution to manage the 3D data. Financed with $96m (not classical VC). Opinion: NavVis works with BMW and Nvidia on creating a digital twin of every BMW factory in Nividia Omniverse. In this project, all existing BMW factories are 3D mapped by NavVis.

BMW trusts its Munich neighbour NavVis for this project.

Analytics of battery systems — Twaice

Twaice is a battery analytics software. It analyses battery condition, simulates performance (like end-of-life prediction and thermal behavior under simulated scenarios). The term for it: Predictive battery analytics. It convinced high-profile VCs like Cherry Ventures, Coatue and Creandrum ($70m funding). Opinion: Usecases are in battery development and operation of battery systems. In battery development used for testing under simulated scenarios. In operations used to make battery life predictions under simulated scenarios.

Digital twins for development of better batteries.



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