Eva, the beautiful name of three AI services

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2 min readJun 3, 2024


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Eva.space, a copilot on OS level

Eva.space is an AI assistant, similar to a copilot. An assistant, not on application level like MS Copilot that sits inside MS Office apps, but on the operating system level. Meaning it “jumps” into different apps on the device and assists in them. The assistant automates tasks like creating emails, generating presentation content, and managing social media to enhance personal productivity. Opinion: Eva can also assist with cross-app tasks e.g. researching in a browser, then creating a document, and then sending an email. In May 2024 in public beta version and presented at OMR Festival in Hamburg (where we discovered them). A nice little detail, every assistant is unique with a unique image and character. No other user gets the same assistant.

Difficult to explain! Hope you understood ;).

AI tools for all tasks of HR departments

EVA offers a range of AI tools for human resource departments. For the whole employee lifecycle, from AI-based candidate matching, recommending training, and automating tedious tasks and HR processes. Opinion: Not generative AI and LLM, but the “traditional” AI disciplines of robotic process automation, machine learning, predictive analytics. These AIs rolled out over all HR disciplines makes EVA a quite complex (but modular) HR tech platform.

Eva calls it HR 4.0

Eva AI, a chatbot friend with +1m downloads

The Eva AI character app is designed to be an AI virtual friend, companion, even romantic partner. More than an AI chat, Eva can send voice messages, even video calls with the avatar. From small development studio Novi Limited and one million app downloads worldwide. Opinion: Eva’s character forms over time, learning and developing from the user’s feedback and interactions. Not a new concept, but intriguing enough to attract over one million app downloads. Many curious users! Will it form, a business in the long run? We’d say no.

A new attempt of AI characters.



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