Drinks and Food substitute — want a cup of coffee from the lab?

3 innovation and digital news in 1 minute. Every Monday. Episode 265

News 1. Coffee with no coffee beans

Coffee based on chemistry is on the rise with two start-ups: Coumpound foods and Atomo. Both work on a formula to develop and brew coffee with substitutes and molecular processes. The aim is to reach the taste of coffee, not our grannie’s classical substitute. Opinion: Compound foods has raised $9m and Atomo $11m to pursue research and launch products. Atomo coffee from Seattle (where Starbucks comes from!) has launched an ice-coffee in a can and praises to reach the coffee taste. Why this trend: planet warming, environmental issues.

Syntethic coffee, with or without milk?

News 2. Chocolate from the lab

California Cultured produces chocolate in a laboratory, based on plant stem cells that are cultivated in a lab. The cocoa produced is less bitter and requires less sugar. Like for coffee this process avoids the environmental harm caused by deforestation for coffee or cocoa tree plantations. Opinion: This experiment has also been carried out by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. Like meat cultivated from stem cell, this chocolate follows the same process.

Syntethic chocolate, less bitter — let’s try. It’s called California Cultured

News 3. NON as the name says

NON is a producer of “wines” with zero alcohol — non-alcoholic. Claiming to invent and define the future of drinks with new techniques and above all new tastes: salted raspberry and chamomile, roast beetroot and sansho, toasted cinnamon and yuzu! Opinion: NON is a small enterprise based near Melbourne. With a great mission and design of logo, bottle and website.

Let’s give a chance to “lemon marmalade and hibiscus” wine!

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