Chinese app craze at Single Days — the 2022 edition: more discounts!

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2 min readNov 14, 2022


3 innovation and digital news in 1 minute. Every Monday. Episode 315

News 1: New on our radar — Taote

Taote has been the most downloaded app on iOS in China while Single’s Day. It is a “bargain”, a discount app from the e-commerce leader Alibaba, a variation of Taobao, often reference as the Chinese Amazon app equivalent. Opinion: Taote is a kind of Lidl for China. Discounted products and coupons. The supply chain plugs in directly to the very large Alibaba supply ecosystem in all kind of products, from fruits to electronics.

And always a symbol in China — here a rabbit.

News 2: Dewu — the anti-counterfeit app

Dewu is a market place and an app in Pinterest style that verifies product authenticity (origin, units of production, original packaging) for sellers. And guarantee it. First focussed on sneakers, it now covers all types of street lifestyle, and praised itself to be the trendsetter for GenZ. Opinion: Counterfeit has been an issue for a while for both brands and brand-conscious consumers in China. Allegedly Alibaba puts a lot of effort on its international Tmall platform where large international brands are sold, also luxury brands. Dewu USP is certification and has been growing daily users up to 40 million.

Anti-counterfeit in China, quite expected.

News 3: Bulks shopping, permanently ahead

Pinduoduo has grown to the largest single shopping app in China, with the principle of bulk shopping. The more consumers line up to buy a product the cheaper it will be. This builds on an ancestral family oriented Chinese society; families living close together, and buying together. Pinduoduo also with a large 11.11. promotion. Opinion: Always considered a China-only phenomenon, Pinduoduo has launched an equivalent in the US called Temu and made it to the Top 5 downloads in the US (shopping) in October 2022.

In times of inflation, more backwind for bulk shopping in China and in the West!?



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