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News 1: Eat the barcode — TruTag!

Startup TruTag Technologies has invented an edible “barcode” made of a silicon derivate that can be eaten. The microscopic, edible barcodes can be placed on medicines, an app can detect the code. The anti-fraud system for valuable eatable products. Opinion: A longer path for this start-up that was founded in 2011 — gathered 25m USD for research and development. Difficult still to imagine so many usecases. B2B takeout: See the extraordinary power of invention in the start-up business — an edible barcode!

News 2: Vivid start-ups in Singapore and Carousel

Singapore is a vivid center for start-ups, from the island to all SE Asia. Carousel is one of these successes — $183m financing. A marketplace app like Ebay — with the typical Asian function of chatting. A third of share belongs to Norwegian telecom company Telenor. Expansion to SE Asia with acquisition in Philippines, Vietnam and India. Opinion: A complicated situation at Carousel, with a corporate round in April 2019 bringing 32% of share to Telenor. And Telenor already active in the sector of marketplace (OLX, 701 Search). In the first investment round we find the Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten. However, the plan is simple: being the leader of marketplace in SE Asia. B2B Takeout: Bumping into Telenor in this corner of the world is a discovery — research show long-time telecom activities in Thailand, Burma, Pakistan. North to East!

News 3: Airbnb from EU with a twist. Leavy with coins.

French startup Leavy is a somewhat like Airbnb, but with a model where one can earn travel credit or cash with renting one’s home or posting tips. A community model. Leavy is 2,5 y.o. and announced a $14m funding round for expansion. Paris based. Opinion: Leavy coins is the name for travel credit. A difficult exercise for a travel community — is there enough drive and destinations for the platform to perform and the user to find enough choice. B2B Takeout: A good model for community — restricted to a country selection — above all the travel axis France-USA. Hence insuring community intensity.

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