Big NVIDIA conference and three company names were dropped!

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2 min readApr 8, 2024


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Ansys, the first partner to be mentioned

Ansys is a leader in simulation software for engineering in general. For cars, engines, telecommunication networks, satellites, even packaging. A showcase with Mars for modeling packaging in new and different materials, like a move from plastic to paper and the implication on the production process. Opinion: Ansys (of course) has an Ansys AI, but NVIDIA quoted Anysys first because they are strong in car, autonomous car simulation. Car industry — this is the next NVIDIA frontier.

Ansys was new to us. And you?

Synopsys the first-ever partner of NVIDIA

Simply said, Synopsys is a software to design chips. Well, it is called EDA (Electronic Design Automation) and Synopsys is a leader in it. Today with AI to optimise all the development steps of processors, from system architecture to manufacturing. Opinion: The Silicon Valley, South of San Francisco, caries its name not by coincidence. A strong network of companies that produce processors — built on silicon. Listed on the NASDAQ and a revenue of $1.65 billion in Q1 2024, a record and a growth of 20%, following the trend of processor growth.

Synopsys, the first partner of NVIDIA. Makes sense.

Recursion, a technology for drug discovery

Recursion is a suite of technology (software, hardware) to accelerate drug discovery, mainly based on computation — big computation — of data. Technology mixed with biology, chemistry, automation, data science, and engineering. Opinion: “Decoding Biology to Radically Improve Lives” is the claim of Recursion. Normally, we’re critical of “we are a software and want to make life and the world better” often seen in the US. This time, yes! They can claim this and they publish their drug discovery pipeline.

A great discovery!



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