Big losses and checks, business as usual!?

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News 1: Downfall! A problem worth $16,74 billions at Softbank

Softbank famously founded and run the largest venture capital fund of the world (2 tickets of 100b). Tokyo, exactly a week ago — Softbank published results (FYMarch 2019/March2020) showing a minus of $16,74 billions (1,8 trillion Yens) attributed to failed investment, notably at WeWork and OneWeb. 15 further investments are at stake as well. Opinion: Now comes the micro-economics reality. Softbank Vision Fund invested a lot of money in many companies. However, management/business model/P&L/balance sheets/burning rates were poor. Remember the 100 of millions invested in Wag! (app for dog sitters) or in bankrupted Brandless (essentials with no brand, but Brandless as a brand). B2B Takeout: SVF disturbed the economics of start-ups and venture capital in 2018 and 2019. Struggling but not in Asia: smarter invests in ByteDance (TikTok), DiDi and Grab.

News 2: Hey Siri! Is Apple buying companies? Yes, 3 of them.

We badly need a summary of the latest Apple acquisitions. 3 of them. NextVR, a virtual reality event specialist. Voysis, a language understanding e-commerce solution from Dublin. Dark Sky, an hyperlocal weather app. Apple acquires small-sized specialist while announcing record Q1 2020 results. Opinion: These acquisitions are easy to decode: specialists are completing existing Apple services, helping making them better — where Apple is lagging behind. Weather, Siri and VR! Acquire and “acquires”. B2B Takeout: Apple and other big tech companies like Microsoft continue to grow their footprint and dominance in time of crisis.

News 3: Silent but unstoppable, Salesforce Ventures

The venture capital arm of Salesforce is a metronom at investing in startup — 70 investments in 2019 and 15 in 2020. Latest two investments in Airwallex (platform for foreign currency account) and Onfido (AI-based ID verification). Always in platforms, always near to the core of Salesforce — process and CRM. Opinion: Salesforce venture is a mighty but silent investor in tech, from seed (2,5m USD) to higher ticket (290m in Automation Anywhere). Typical of Salesforce altogether; “mighty but discreet”. B2B Takeout: Present investment strategy of Salesforce Ventures: invest in privacy and verification platforms. With “reasonable” tickets as opposed to Sofbank Vision Fund.

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