Beyond Kim, a selection of discoveries at German digital festival OMR

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2 min readMay 13, 2024


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Retresco, AI text-generation that avoids hallucinations

Retresco at OMR — in the online marketing hall. A software for automated content generation. In two categories. Media, it writes an article like a football match report automatically (with few data inputs) and e-commerce, it writes product details and descriptions. Content generated by AI, then humans check, then inserted into a template or an article. Opinion: The product is called, an engine that generates high-reach text from data (also unstructured). Retresco, a “genuine” AI company with no “ChatGPT” hype. Above all Retresco is strong at avoiding hallucinations, the drawback of LLM. Humans are in the lead and approve.

Based in Berlin, German and AI!

Payhawk. UK software in Germany

Payhawk was at OMR for the first time. Originally from London and financed at a high level of $240 million. It is an expense managment sotware. Growing and with a key feature — integration into Microsoft suite, specifically in Mircrosoft Dynamics. Opinion: We’ve been following Payhawk for a while, in the middle of the rise of FinTech in credit card/expense management. At the OMR festival we discovered the German offer — targeting larger corporations, for travel and expense management department. Not freelancers and small businesses.

A niche well covered — clever!

OMR, a place for new, original food & beverages

OMR food hall is a place to discover new food and beverage concepts: the Underberg Espresso, the 1664 beer with a blue bottle, and Tony’s chocolate personalised. Let’s take Tony’s Chocolonely with a very colourful stand and a focus on personalisation of packaging. Tony’s Chocolonely was founded in the Netherlands in 2005 and has grown as a major brand in NL, also distributed in Germany. Always putting forward the personalisation of packs. Opinion: The food hall at OMR is just exciting, with new concepts around the corner. Brands (food and a lot of alcohol brands) position themselves within a larger opinion leader audience in an opinion leader city, Hamburg. And we enjoyed the Tony’s Chocolonely push.

A good mix, food and digital!



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