Asian new tigers with huge amounts of fresh fundings!

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3 innovation and digital news in 1 minute. Every Monday. Episode 266

News 1. Dingdong Macai fresh products and numbers

Dingdong Macai is a fresh product e-commerce platform that recently entered the New York Stock Exchange and presented their first figures: +77% growth, 8.4 million users and a net loss slightly growing. Fresh delivery companies popped up all around the world with very large financing (see the latest round by Dutch Picnic). The approach is based on AI, predicting demand. Opinion: Dingdong Macai has a singular approach: they predict orders with data models and AI predictions based on historical sales and third-party data. It allows for less loss of products and better coverage of orders.

Softbank Vision Fund invested in May, in a series D then an IPO on June 29th. The path of a start-up of that kind.

News 2. Bukalapak from Jakarta

Bukalapak is an e-commerce and price comparison site from Jakarta in Indonesia. It has made the best debut on the Indonesian stock exchange in history, gathering $1,5 billion. Bukalapak is originally backed by Microsoft and Asian investors. Opinion: The e-commerce platform is growing in pandemic (+35% revenue in H1 2021), but still loses money. The site itself is a large “e-commerce” site with a split of physical and virtual goods (electricity, mobile plan, gaming, etc.)

Also a founder story of Achmad Zaky and two student colleagues from Bandung Institute of technology launching the site after university.

News 3. Flipkart gets a record funding of $3.6 billion

It is a high mark, $3.6 billion for a funding round and made the news all over the world. Filpkart, the e-commerce marketplace of India gets a mammoth financing from main investor Walmart, and from sovereign and pension funds and Softbank. Former investors: Chinese Tencent is also in it. An online shop focussing first on fashion and electronics. With over 100 million users. Opinion: Flipkart versus Amazon — this is the match in Indian e-commerce. Historically, Amazon has been making Indian business a priority from commerce to browsers. But contenders are reacting and gathering behind the Flipkart flag.

Flipkart has the sales “Big Billion Days” running — have a look at it!

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