Artificial Intelligence in the North, Stockholm has a lot to show and tell

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3 min readFeb 6, 2023

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Kive, a companion for creatives!

Kive platform allows creative professionals to create images, edit images, collaborate with other creatives, build mood boards and storyboards. Above all, it is an image classifying tool with smart and automatic taggings. All these features are based on AI. By communicating the style and mood of a wanted image, the AI produces an image which can be edited. Kive has 3 different subscription models, from free for personal use to $85 per month for creative teams. Opinion: Kive reminds of AI image generation tools like Stable Diffusion or DALL-E but goes one step further: it is the one library for all images. With a total funding of $8.8m and latest funding on 11.10.2022, the 5-year-old company has established itself on the Swedish landscape.

AI image generation assists in the creative workflow.

Meeting notes made by an AI, just “Supernormal “!

Supernormal creates meeting notes with an AI. It automatically transcribes meetings and converts it into notes. Transcription AI is based on OpenAI. It can also record meetings and show transcripts next to it, so users can look through key highlights again. The plug-in works with programs like Google Meet and Zoom. There is a free version with up to 10 meetings available and a pro version, bookable based on minutes for 1,000 minutes users pay $22 dollars per month. Opinion: Digital meetings have become the new normal, making space to create new solutions in this space. Supernormal lines up to the many “Generative AI” start-ups feeding themselves on the OpenAI API. With a new fresh $10m funding in January 2023.

A helpful tool for professionals, automatic notes of key information from meetings.

Artificial Solutions with chatbots in over 85 languages

Artificial Solutions specializes in providing businesses with tools to create their own chatbots using conversational AI. Their platform, Teneo, enables companies to build chatbots in over 85 different languages, a key feature. This allows businesses to easily communicate with customers and train employees globally. Opinion: Artificial Solutions is a well established (founded in 2001) and a public company. in 2023 one of the world’s key players in automated customer support interactions. According to Artificial Solutions, 15% of the world’s automated contact center interactions is done through their software called “Teneo”.

One chatbot based on Artificial Solutions software: IKEA’s Anna chatbot. Typical “Swedish” connections.



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