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Yuka with the carrot logo has grown to a major app in app stores in France, Belgium, Spain. In fact, Yuka is used by 10 million French consumers to check product ingredients and reviews — a product scanning and scoring of more than 20 million products. The launch in Italy end of 2020 is getting momentum with the app in #2 place on download ranking. Opinion for B2B: Yuka is an independent company, which makes it very strong among sceptical consumers. The score shows in a green/yellow/red colour code and details of ingredients. The app not only evaluates product, it also shows alternative products if the scanned product is “red”, and now with an “environmental footprint” score.

Yuka app is a game changer! In France, they call it the “Yuka attitude”.

The Think Dirty app specialises in finding out potentially toxic ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products. In US and Canada (Ontario based). It features a Dirty Meter®, a rating, detailed info on ingredients, certifications, and health impacts. It also rates all products in one’s bathroom. Also a shopping list and a shop now affiliate link to Amazon. Opinion for B2B: A great name everyone can remember and a rather new consciousness of consumer for the ingredients in cosmetics products. Here, similar to Yuka, a small, but independent company, with outstanding ratings.

Think Dirty in your bathroom!

Myfitnesspal app is the #2 app in the “Health & Fitness” app store section in the US and the UK, and primarily helps with calorie tracking and fitness routine. It connects to 50 other apps. Up and downs… founded in 2005, then sold at a peak valuation in 2015 to Under Armour, that is selling it to a private equity fund. Still the app is solidly growing in pandemics times. Opinion for B2B: We remember Adidas buying Runtastic and making it big. Now Under Amour gets rid of Myfitnesspal, a good app but always difficult to earn money, and they always praised that this app is free. Premium membership was added though.

Worth an article on our news? Still a winner app in US, UK and in the Top 10 in Germany.

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