All eyes on ETH: 3 Ethereum ecosystem companies

3 innovation and digital news in 1 minute. Every Monday. Episode 309

News 1: ConsenSys builds the Ethereum ecosystem

ConsenSys is the largest and most prominent company developing ethereum network applications. A wide range of products like developer tools, software suites and node-as-a-service.
Well known offerings for building Ethereum applications. Opinion: ConsenSys is the company behind most common crypto wallet Metamask.
$725m VC funding, also from Microsoft and Softbank vision fund.

Maybe the most important company for blockchain that many haven’t heard of.

News 2: Alchemy — Supernode connects applications to blockchains

Alchemy is a platform for blockchain developers. Developer tools, analytics, a pre-built solution to connect to blockchains.
Applications using the Alchemy API connect to Alchemy’s node of the blockchain, the “Alchemy SuperNode”, optimized and specialized for scalability and reliability. Opinion: The Alchemy APIs are used by leading blockchain-related applications like OpenSea, SuperRare and Dapper Labs to connect to Ethereum, Solana, Polygon and other blockchains.

Why should we care: many blockchain applications don’t directly connect to the blockchain but through supernode.

News 3: BlockApps, specialized in industry Ethereum applications

BlockApps is specialized in the development of enterprise software solutions based on the Ethereum blockchain. E.g. carbon tracking, supply chain management and asset tokenization (i.e. bringing physical assets onto the blockchain). Opinion: A founding member of the “Enterprise Ethereum alliance”, a consortium that sets standards for enterprise Ethereum implementation. Consisting of industry companies, consulting firms and Ethereum experts.

BlockApps, specialized in industries like agriculture, finance, energy. Applications are not yet visible in mainstream B2B.



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