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Alibaba published its 2019 results with growth: +38% revenue and +37% profit (8 billion $). The growth is based on the phenomenon MAU (Monthly Active Users) of 811 million. A basis to sell and cross-sell new products and services. And it works. In comparison, Amazon announced a +20% growth. 2020 will be tougher (Corona). Opinion: The financial report does not explain this growth. Reports from China differ from European and American ones. Only good news and percentage where it suits. Still, the huge 811 MAU is the basis for success. B2B Takeout: Alibaba in the meantime is well-known in European business circles. Still, the platforms behind are mostly unknown: Taobao, Tmall, Cainiao (logistics), Aliyun (Cloud) and Ant financial (separate company, Alipay and other financial services).

Taobao is the number one marketplace in China and the backbone of Alibaba. It added 39 million users in 2019, up to 811 million. Toabao regularly adds new features or apps like Taobao app, a teleshopping app with influencers. Opinion: Taobao Live is a hype in China with influencers presenting products and giving tips, typically for cosmetics, recipes or fashion. B2B Takeout: KOL — Key Opinion Leaders, this is how Alibaba names influencers in social media. Influencers renamed creators by Instagram and TikTok.

Korea — Samsung is pushing its vocal assistant with a new developer platform, named Bixby developer center. Samsung launches it country by country, arriving in 2020 in the EU. Developers can build apps (named capsules), then run on Bixby. Bixby is available in Samsung phones, TVs and fridges. Opinion: Samsung will not give up on assistants and integrate #1 Google Assistant but is deploying a similar developer system as Alexa/Alexa Skills. B2B Takeout: Interesting in markets where Samsung has a strong market share. And why not develop a usecase for a Samsung fridge!

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