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“Idle champions of the forgotten realms” is a dungeons & dragons strategy game. It was launched in 2017 by Canadian Codename Entertainment and is the current “free game” on Epics Games. It’s one of the top games in VR. It can also be played in traditional play “stations”. Opinion for B2B: A vocabulary of its own, very “innovative”. Quote “Idle Champions challenges players to assemble a party of champions and master the art of formation strategy. Players unlock new heroes, upgrade them to reveal special abilities, and collect epic gear. The key to glory is learning how to combine champion abilities to defeat an onslaught of powerful monsters…”

Just love the creativity in game titles!

Archiact, also based in Canada, British Columbia, is a pioneer in Virtual Reality games. A pioneer because it is exactly 8 years old. They have released over thirty game titles across all leading VR/AR platforms, the latest “Freediver : Triton Down”. Award-winning game. And also available as an audio drama series! Opinion for B2B: Archiact describes the 3 waves of VR/AR game development for their birthday (since 2013). 1/ a new world (the experimentation and discovery of the tech) 2/ The wild West days (experimenting on all media types) 3/ making camp (VR/AR is gaming).

Listen to the audio series “The Triton Incident”, a good way to enter this “world”.

South of British Colombia comes the state of Washington (WA) and another (big) actor in the gaming world, Valve Corporation. By employees, one of the most profitable company in the world. They are behind the gaming platform Steam. And behind VR developments like HTC Live and many VR games. The latest game “Alyx” is a huge success. Opinion for B2B: The Steam store has become a power in the gaming world. Valve (like Apple) takes 30% of the game revenue and is also in legal issues over this. Still Valve is a phenomenon rather un-known outside the gaming world. Therefore, worth an article.

What? Most profitable?!

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