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TikTok for Business is the new self-service ad platform landed smack in the middle of the July Facebook advertiser boycott. The platform is above all a market place for brands to find creators (TikTokers) providing filters and audience numbers. The ad platform covers 4 apps: tikTok, BuzzVideo, Helo (India) and BaBe (Indonesia) — all belong to ByteDance. Opinion for B2B: Good luck, bad luck. Good luck, the platform comes at a moment where Facebook gets a large boycott in the US (“StopHateForProfit”) and advertisers always look for new ad properties and formats. Bad luck… TikTok is under pressure from a geopolitical view — China apps banned in India, pressure also in the US. And rumours that TikTok might turn American (with a Sequoia fund).

All eyes on TikTok also in B2B!

TikTok was very successful in India when 59 Chinese apps were banned (border tensions). The race is on for replacement apps. Indian ones like Roposo, Trell and Chingari. But also ironically Chinese ones like Zili (by phone manufacturer Xiaomi) and SnackVideo (Kuaishou, financed by Tencent). Snack Video with short vertical videos and comedies. Opinion for B2B: A bonanza in the app market in India — the mightiest player is out — and 12 apps compete to replace the leader. But none of them can replace the large advance of tikTok: AI- recommendation engine, millions of content producers, established payment processes for creators and 100s of millions of users!

The only real contender? Instagram with the new Reels function.

Douyin is the TikTok name in China, same logo and layout, differrent names and more functions. A new major function is a mobile shop. Any creator can add a web shop to its feed and sell own range or brand products (that suit the feed). Opinion for B2B: Not revolutionary, just logical — any popular app in China adds a shop. In that case Douyin creators can even link to #1 commerce app Taobao (Alibaba and Amazon equivalent). Taobao also has its own community commerce with taobao live (tele shopping in a feed).

Soon commerce in Western TikTok?

Authors are the 10 trend scouters at Space and Lemon, always on the hunt for the newest trends in tech and digital. Gathered here in original weekly news since 2016 — no re-write of TechCrunch, always with an opinion and B2B takeout. Come back next Monday and share your opinion.




Space and Lemon Innovations. Innovation agency for a new era of innovation, micro innovation. ✱Trend and innovation scouting ✱Concept/development

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Space and Lemon Innovations

Space and Lemon Innovations

Space and Lemon Innovations. Innovation agency for a new era of innovation, micro innovation. ✱Trend and innovation scouting ✱Concept/development

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