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News 1: Skypod, the robot for 3D warehouses

Skypods are robots that collect goods in a warehouse — in 3 dimensions. A breakthrough in technology that was recently rewarded a new funding of $90m for the company Exotec (adding to 110m). A comprehensive 3D warehouse system with robots climbing up the shelves. Opinion for B2B: With the rise of e-commerce comes a new growth area — decentralised small delivery center — this is where Exotec comes. A full and automated utilisation of surface and space. Shelves in 3D with a robot that picks-up up the shelves. Impressive.

Exotec — a company and a market (decentralised warehouse systems and robots) to follow!

News 2: Refraction AI, the new “robot-on-the-block”

Refraction AI operates the new delivery robot REV-1 for classical food delivery. It also is a platform for driving robots. They claim a “safer and more cost-effective” delivery robot. Above all based on weight ratio, braking capacity, weather adaptability, driving on car/bike lanes. Opinion for B2B: A young start-up from Palo Alto with a clear positioning and a website that explains very well the difference between the last-mile robotic offer. Still, these kind of robots are still in a pilot phase, far from mass-market.

Ever met a delivery robot on the street?

News 3: Boxy — an automated micro store

Robotic retail, automated retail — this is Storelift, a French start-up that launched an automated kiosk in a container, named Boxy. Only 15 sqm and completely automated. Storelift raised €5m in the Summer to develop the technology. Opinion for B2B: A convenience store in a container, is not new — Chinese have been testing it for 3 years. Now we have a European contender for an interesting offer — automated, no cashier, a container and just an electric plug is needed. These are the first steps for this kind of automated store. The return on investment is not proven yet, with unclear turnover of such a store, with high maintenance (IT and filling in shelves).

Boxy, the new store robot. Any chance to scale?

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