3 countries and 3 new investments in AI. In Europe.

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2 min readApr 29, 2024


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From Germany, AI for website bugs

Octomind is a developer tool using AI to make automated end-to-end testing easier, faster. Easy? Yes, just in pacing the URL into Octomind. AI to determine the right test to run, AI to run an end-to-end test. Just raised $4.8m in seed funding (Cherry Ventures). Opinion: The claim is simple “Discover bugs before users do”. Octomind makes a very good impression, it runs as a plug-in to the development environment. Based in Karlsruhe and in the German Accelerator in Palo Alto.

A promising use case and start-up!

From the Netherlands, AI against AI fakes

It is just a first investment of $1 million but an interesting AI use case: AI to mark AI content. Verify is the name of this Amsterdam-based start-up. “AI Invisible Fingerprint” is the main offer, inserting an invisible and undeletable mark into pixels. Opinion: Fakes, one of the main deviance of content generation. This is where Verify’s offer makes sense — an indelible watermark for AI-generated content. Verify offers a monitoring as well, searching and reading the watermarks on the whole web.

No wonder Google For Start-up fund invested into Verify.

From France, AI for “before”

BforeAI is the name of this start-up based in Montpellier. Before? Yes, they predict cyber threats by autonomously mapping malicious infrastructure, analysing datasets, and detecting anomalies. Just gathered over $19 million for that. Opinion: The before — it is cybersecurity. The AI maps and analyses domains, domains that are the source of fraud. A large and difficult subject, and today the highest investment in the selection.

Great name BTW, BforeAI!



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